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Drug abuse problems led to the increase in divorce cases: James

RANAU: Drug abuse problems led to the increase in divorce cases in the country said People’s Development and Well-Being Minister (KPMKR), Datuk James Ratib on Tuesday.

“Divorce involving financial problems following impact of drug addiction is a common problem often occurs among the Malaysian society today.

“Statistics released by the Social Welfare Department (JKM) in 2019 showed that 83 per cent or 309 domestic violence cases were reportedly due to drug addiction in the family, “he said.

James, who is also the Chairman of the Sabah PEMADAM, said there were drug addicts in the phase of addiction resort to hitting the wife to earn money and steal the jewelery and money of family members.

He added that the destruction of family institutions also occurred due to the factor of the wake of the wife and children as drug addicts spent their money to buy drugs.

This situation, he said, caused the wife to be neglected in terms of ‘Nafkah” had to act by filing a divorce.

According to James, there are many mild and heavy crime cases that have taken place linking drug addiction.

“Incidents such as home-breaking, thefts, cases of murder and even murder, all of which are related to drug influence problems.

“In the early 2022, our country was shaken with the news of a drug addict to behead of his 56-year-old mother’s head in one of the states in Semanjung, Having failed to earn money to buy drugs.

“Such incidents show how much the influence of drugs on today’s society. Drug abuse among the people is now a threat especially to affected youth,” he said.

According to James, the problem of extreme drug addiction causes drug addicts to lose control or fail to control their passion.

This situation has caused some drug addicts to do criminal activities such as stealing, robbing, robbing and in some cases killing as an easy way to get financial resources.

Drug addicts have a high tendency to engage in criminal activity stealing and robbing as a shortcut to earn money to buy drugs.

However, added James, drug abuse does not know the age factor as anyone can be caught in the scene if it is not cautious and careful.

“It is also anxious when there are children’s cases as early as 8 years, showing an early sign of trapped by drug addiction when involved with smoking smoking and sniffing glue.

“Smoking smoke activities are the beginning of young people to engage in drug abuse.

“Therefore, preventive measures need to be started from the early stages. The people should also work together in addressing drug abuse problems by empowering family institutions and religions,” he said.

James, who is also the Sugut Assemblyman, said this when opening the closing ceremony of the Tabah Program and the Ranau District Family Campaign Program held at the Ranau Community Hall on Tuesday.

The program was jointly organized by the Sabah and the Sabah Women Affairs Bureau (JHEWA) and the Sabah PEMADAM, in collaboration with the Ranau District Office.

“Congratulations to the Implementing Committee on commitment and co-operation in the success of the program two in one today.

“The Tabah Program is a program of awareness and motivation to the local community about the dangers of drug abuse, while the family’s campaign program is a special program for the disclosure of senior citizens and skills,” he explained.

The program was launched on March 9, 2023 in the small district of Paitan and the program will be followed to the Kunak, Kudat and Nabawan District.