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MP Liew donates 3,800 prayer mats to 73 mosques and suraus in Tawau

Liew (2nd right) handing over the prayer mats and bags of rice to ASP Jafri (2nd left). At right is Nor Azizulkifli.

TAWAU: Some 1,200 prayer mats and several hundred bags of rice were given out to 22 mosques and suraus during the recent visit of Tawau MP Datuk Christina Liew to the parliamentary constituency that covers Sri Tanjung, Apas and Balung.

She said the Royal Malaysia Police, Army and General Operations Force (PGA) were not left out because she and her Tawau Parliamentary People’s Service Centre appreciated their crucial role in maintaining law and order, providing security service and law enforcement.

Masjid As-Salam Balai Tawau, Masjid Kem Kukusan Tawau, Masjid Raya (Kukusan/P. Kalabakan) and Masjid Al-Hikmah 14th Battalion, PGA Tawau each received 50 prayer mats, and rice supplies.

Staff Sergeant Mohd Adzamuddin (2nd right) receiving prayer mats and bags of rice from Liew. At left is Fung.(

The former Deputy Chief Minister handed over her contribution to the Balai Tawau Head ASP Jafri Abdul Hamid, witnessed by the Deputy OCPD Nor Azizulkifli Hj Mansor.

At the Masjid Kem Kukusan Tawau, Pasukan 516 Religious Adviser, Staff Sergeant Mohd Adzamuddin Lukaman received the donations from Liew. She was accompanied by the Tawau Parliamentary Chief Liaison Officer, Fung Thin Yein.

On hand to accept the prayer mats and bags of rice at the Masjid Al-Hikmah was ASP Mohd Rafail Rabbahil.

The latest contribution brings to a total of 3,800 prayer mats donated by her so far, taking into account the 2,600 mats given out to 51 mosques and suraus last year.