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Kota Kinabalu
Sabtu, Disember 2, 2023

RM107.43m allocation for OKU, elderly complex

KOTA KINABALU: The State Government has allocated RM107.43 million to the General Welfare Services Department, this year, among other things, to continue complex construction projects needed by the disabled (OKU) and the elderly.

Chief Minister, Datuk Seri Hajiji Haji Noor said, it involves the construction of an Integrated Complex for the disabled and the elderly as well as the construction of the Sandakan Handicapped Children’s Education Park and the Disabled Training Complex in Sandakan District.

“In addition, in order to continue providing assistance to vulnerable groups, especially the disabled, the elderly, orphans and single mothers as well as general assistance throughout the state, the Government agreed to increase the allocation to RM76.29 million this year, with a total of 24,781 people benefiting under this aid,” he said.

He stated this when officiating the Closing of the `Sentuhan Kasih Untaian Budi’ Program at the Handicapped Children’s Education Park, Sembulan, here Sunday. The text of his speech was delivered by the Minister of Community Development and People’s Well-Being, Datuk James Ratib.

In this regard, the Chief Minister said, the State Government fully supports community programs that benefit the needy in the state.

He said that the efforts of the Advanced Education students of Universiti Utara Malaysia Kota Kinabalu Campus who collaborated with various other parties to hold the `Sentuhan Kasih Untaian Budi’program at the Educational Park for Children with Disabilities, Sembulan, were greatly appreciated.

“Indeed, caring and helping the community, especially those who need help, is very close to my heart. For that reason, I am very happy with the implementation of this program which involves universities from outside the state of Sabah.

“This is in line with the unwavering commitment of the Sabah State Government to help various parties, not only the students but also the disabled. I was informed that in addition to pampering the children at the Disabled Children’s Education Park, Sembulan, various other activities are also held including mutual aid activities, talks and also delivering aid donations.

“Efforts like this are very good and I hope that more parties, including students from the university, will implement service programs for communities that need help,” he said.

He also hoped that the organization of this program could inspire the students to continue holding beneficial programs like this in the future.

“A program like this not only benefits the community but this program in the form of community service can nurture and shape the character of students.

“The application of values ​​such as management, administration and organizing in the program will further strengthen the students’ abilities in facing the real situation of the work environment,” he said. –Warta Oriental