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Respecting Sabah’s Autonomy: Urging Malayan Parties not to Contest in the State General Election

Deputy Chief Exco STARSABAH, Nelson Martin Idang

KOTA KINABALU: Deputy Chief Exco STARSABAH, Nelson Martin Idang expressed wholeheartedly supports the Party’s President statement at the party’s Triennial General Meeting held at SICC yesterday.

Sabah, a culturally diverse, harmonious, and prosperous state, faces a significant challenge as Malayan political parties continue to actively participate in Sabah politics.

In light of this, the President of Solidarity Tanah Airku (STAR), DSP Dr. Jeffrey Kitingan has issued a powerful statement urging Malayan parties not to field candidates in Sabah.

DSP Dr. Jeffrey emphasizes the vital importance of respecting and mutually honor each state’s rights in Malaysia.

“Sabah possesses a unique history and political dynamic. The presence of Malayan parties not only disrupts this delicate balance but can also sow division among the local population,” he warns.

He stresses that the involvement of external parties complicates efforts to strengthen unity among the people of Sabah.

Furthermore, the President of STAR underscores Sabah’s need for political autonomy in order to prioritize the interests and welfare of its people.

“Sabah requires leaders who genuinely understand and empathize with the needs of its citizens. Only through this approach can we bring true, sustainable development to our state,” he asserts.

DSP Dr. Jeffrey highlights that the intrusion of external parties drowns out the local voice and dilutes the relevance of local issues in the national political landscape.

In the face of this external threat, DSP Dr. Jeffrey urgently calls upon all Sabahan political parties to unite.

“We must demonstrate solidarity in defense of our rights. We cannot allow
political differences to hinder our joint pursuit of Sabah’s betterment,” he implores.

He firmly believes that unity among local parties is critical to preserving Sabah’s sovereignty.

Further, DSP Dr. Jeffrey also reminds everyone of the immense significance in respecting the spirit of the 1963 Malaysia Agreement (MA63), which granted Sabah and Sarawak specific autonomy.

“This agreement is the bedrock of Malaysia’s formation. It must be
respected and upheld. External interference will only erode this sacred spirit,” he

He urges the federal government to ensure full protection and utmost respect
for Sabah’s rights under the MA63.

From an economic standpoint, DSP Dr. Jeffrey stresses the necessity of political stability in Sabah to attract investments and drive development.

“The presence of external parties will only breed instability and uncertainty, impeding our economic growth,” he explains.

He implores business leaders and the community to support STAR’s efforts in safeguarding Sabah’s stability and prosperity. DSP Dr. Jeffrey also urges the people of Sabah to unite in the face of this challenge.

“Each of us has a role to play. Let us come together to safeguard our rights and ensure a bright future for the next generations,” he urges, while emphasizing that through unity and cooperation, Sabah can achieve substantial and meaningful progress.

In closing, DSP Dr. Jeffrey expresses his hope that Malayan parties will respect this plea.

“Let us embrace a spirit of respect and mutual understanding. Do not encroach upon our region and participate in the contest. Let Sabah be governed by Sabahans,” he urges.

He firmly believes that with a mutual respect mindset, Malaysia can become a stronger and more united nation.

To summarize, Nelson once again affirmed that the Youth Wing of STARSabah, wholeheartedly support the President’s statement, which serves as a resolute and clear-cut call to action.

“It serves as a reminder to all parties of the paramount importance of respecting Sabah’s autonomy and sovereignty within the Malaysian framework.

“With our unwavering commitment to safeguarding Sabah’s rights, DSP Dr. Jeffrey Kitingan and STAR are steadfast in ensuring that the future of our state remains firmly in the hands of its own people,” he concluded.