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Projects completed in Tawau under incumbent MP Liew’s Fund (2018-2022)

AFTER: Liew re-visiting a part of the upgraded pedestrian walkway system at Taman Poh San on Friday.

TAWAU: Incumbent Member of Parliament for Tawau (MP) Datuk Christina Liew reiterated that she had implemented more than 30 infrastructure and public amenities projects through the Tawau Municipal Council (MPT).

The Tawau parliamentary constituency covers the three state constituencies of Sri Tanjung, Apas and Balung.

According to Liew, her MP Fund from the Federal Government was channeled to MPT for implementation of the approved projects in the constituency.

“These projects were certified by the Implementation Coordination Unit (ICU) under the Prime Minister’s Department,” she said.

The incumbent MP produced a list of completed projects (Infrastructure and Public Amenities Projects), among others, for the media on her campaign trail after Nomination Day.

  1. Upgrading of the pedestrian walkway system at Taman Poh San, Jalan Masjid (Sri Tanjung)
  2. Rebuilding of the covered bus-stop at SMK Jambatan Putih and other related works. (Sri Tanjung)
  3. Installation of streetlights (solar LED-type) at PPRT Kg Perpaduan Balung (Balung).
  4. Upgrading of a concrete road at one section of Jalan Kau Sing Baru (Kg Kau Sing, Apas)
  5. Building and Maintenance of a drain in the Sabindo Square area (Tawau Town, Sri Tanjung)
  6. Installation of safety fencing at Taman Persisiran (Tawau Town, Sri Tanjung)
  7. Upgrading of a drain along Jalan Kubota at Kubota Square (Sri Tanjung).
  8. Maintenance of a drain and other related works at Taman Tawau. (Sri Tanjung)
  9. Maintenance of a premix road at Lorong 1, Taman Univilla. (Sri Tanjung)
  10. Maintenance of a premix road at Taman Da Hua 3. (Sri Tanjung)

11.  Upgrading of an earth road to concrete road at Kg Umas-umas Estate. (Apas)

  1. Upgrading of the roof of Masjid Nur Istimewa at Kg Kurnia Jaya. (Apas)
  2. Upgrading and maintenance of a public facility at Pasar Tanjung Tawau, UTC. (Sri Tanjung)
  3. Maintenance of a premix road at Lorong 2, Taman Univilla. (Sri Tanjung)
  4. Maintenance of a premix road at Taman Rich Park. (Sri Tanjung)
  5. Building of a new public facility (awning) at MPT Housing Flats. (Sri Tanjung)
  6. Upgrading of a gravel plain at MPT Housing area. (Sri Tanjung)
  7. Maintenance of a drain at Taman New Asia. (Sri Tanjung)
  8. Maintenance of a gravel road at Jalan Ulu Kalumpang. (Balung)
  9. Building of a new court and related works at Kg Kinabutan. (Balung)
  10. Repair/Maintenance of a premix road at Taman Kinabutan. (Balung)
  11. Maintenance of Jalan Pertanian (gravel) at Kuala Balung. (Balung)
  12. Maintenance of a gravel road at Jalan Kalumpang A. (Balung)
  13. Road resurfacing at Taman Melor.
  14. Construction of a retaining wall at Holy Trinity Church.
  15. Contribution of 40 bins to Tawau Municipal Council (MPT).

27. Road resurfacing at Mile 5 shops for Grace Alternative Centre.

  1. Fencing works at Taman Tawau Lama.
  2. Road resurfacing at Fajar Complex.

“These completed projects at various locations (shown above) can be inspected by the public. Should there be any clarifications needed, please contact the relevant authorities or MPT,” Liew said.

Meanwhile, she expressed her thanks to the residents of Tawau for giving her the chance to serve them. 

“I appreciate their patience in waiting for the implementation and completion of the projects. There are plans for more infrastructure projects in the pipeline in 2023. This is in addition to other forms of assistance given to the people such as the delivery of 16,500 food baskets and rice supplies during the Movement Control Order (MCO) in 2020 and 2021,” Liew said.