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Need for consistent efforts in combating domestic violence: James

KENINGAU: Consistent and continuous efforts are necessary to ensure that the people are protected from domestic violence, explained Minister of Community Development and People’s Well-Being, Datuk James Ratib on Friday.

“Domestic violence is a common crime in Malaysia, where most of the victims are women.

“I take this situation seriously and want Sabah women who are persecuted to receive appropriate support and defense services.

“Therefore, the ministry is always committed to ensuring support and protection services for victims of violence which include counseling sessions and free legal assistance for women,” he said.

In addition, said James, the involvement of the Royal Malaysian Police (PDRM) is also expected to always help in realizing the mission towards ‘Zero Violence’.

He said this while officiating the Program Outreach Santuni Wanita; Merakyatkan Perkhidmatan Ke Arah Kesejahteraan Rakyat organized by the Department of Women’s Affairs Sabah (JHEWA).

The program, which held at the Keningau Handicrafts Center Hall, involved three DUNs namely N39 Tambunan, N40 Bingkor and N41 Liawan.

In the program, a talk session involving family issues from the legal and enforcement aspects was successfully implemented.

“Congratulations and well done to the panel, moderators and secretariat for successfully realizing such a program which is very useful and scientific.

“This is in line with the goal of the State Government that wants its people to be prosperous and free from any violence and persecution against the weak, especially women and children,” he said.

Speaking about support and protection services for victims of violence, he said, JHEWA will hold several awareness programs this year in almost all of Sabah, including the Program Outreach Santuni Wanita.

“After this JHEWA will be back to hold the same program for Dun N44 Tulid, N 45 Sook and N46 Nabawan in planning around July 2023.

“Not only that, a development program for single mothers and B40 women is also planned to be held in the Keningau district around May 2023.

“This program will focus more efforts on empowering the economy and households of single mothers and vulnerable groups (B40) who attend the program,” he said.

He also called on those present in the program to publicize the information in their respective areas because the matter needs to be shared for the good of the local community.

Meanwhile, he said, the State Government through JHEWA always works hand in hand with departments and agencies and leaders at the district, regional or related levels in efforts to dignify women.

James, who is also the Sugut assemblyman, praised the dedication of JHEWA, for being so committed to upholding the well-being of women in this state.

“The same goes for those present today. The fact that you are here symbolizes solidarity in our efforts to empower the community in Sabah, especially women and those in need.

“The presence of PPM Officers from the three DUNs here shows the commitment of all parties in efforts to empower women and those in need of assistance from JHEWA and related agencies.

“Thank you to the Keningau District Council for coming to support the Ministry of Community Development and People’s Well-Being through JHEWA in preparation for holding the program today,” he said.

James hopes that the noble efforts of the government through the Ministry of Community Development and People’s Well-Being, JHEWA as well as all relevant departments receive the support of various parties, especially women and the whole community in general.