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Kota Kinabalu
Khamis, Jun 20, 2024

Christopher called on Azis to stop fooling Sabahans further


KOTA KINABALU: Parti Bersatu Sabah Youth Chief Christopher Mandut today today called on Deputy Home Minister Datuk Azis Jamman to stop bullying original Sabahans,  especially on issues related to the controversial Sabah Temporary Pass (PSS).

Describing Azis’ latest statement as “fact twisting and misleading”, Mandut stressed that there was nowhere stated in the Royal Commission of Inquiry on the large presence of illegal immigrants to issue a three-year pass to ex-refugees and illegal foreigners.

“What was stressed in the RCI recommendations was the issuance of new Sabah identity card for original Sabahans, as a means to weed out illegal Immigrants and fake document holders.

“We call on the government to implement this immediately, rather than suspicious and pro-illegals programmes like PSS,” said Mandut.

He also challenged Azis to show proof if ever the previous government or the RCI report recommended documents like PSS.

“And then get the Warisan Ministers, who were among the six Federal Ministers in the last Federal Cabinet to testify against it,” Mandut further challenge.

He urged the current Federal and State governments to stop fooling Sabahans with their political antics to justify their insatiable desire to legalise illegal foreigners  in Sabah.

“We urged Sabahans to join hands to oppose the PSS, for we believe there are suspicious intentions behind the scheme to alter the demographic landscape of the State and to marginalise original Sabahans on our land,” said Mandut.-END-