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Khamis, Jun 20, 2024

Make health a priority: James Ratib

Dr. Jeremiah (left) receives the Souvenir

KOTA KINABALU: The current healthcare system is built upon making medical intervention affordable as much as possible to the rakyat, said Minister of Community Development and People’s Well-Being (KPMKR), Datuk James bin Ratib.

However, he said the people must also do their parts by making the aspect of physical health as well as psychological well-being as their priority, for the sake of self, family and country.

“The government is trying its best to ensure that every patient have access to necessary treatment and medicine to help them overcome illnesses and these include lifestyle diseases.

“As the state’s EXCO for Health in Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia, I am concerned with the rising costs of healthcare and the pressures it cause to all of us.

“Towards that end, I urge all of you, whoever you are, if you love yourself, your family, and your country, the greatest gift you should give is a healthy you,” he said.

James who is also Sugut Assemblyman stated this when officiating the Seventh Day Adventist (SDA) Health Expo at Centre Point Sabah on Sunday.

His speech text was delivered by Special Officer (I) to Minister of KPMKR, Jeremiah Daniel V. Yee Wei, who represented him in the event.

Meanwhile, he said, the government is also investing in educating the society about the harmful effects of sugar, salt, and oil among others, if consumed in excess.

“I was advised that a lot of problems in our health come from two main causes, namely; eating unhealthy foods; and not getting enough exercise.

“Let us remember that the most effective ways to reduce the dangers of heart disease, cancer, stroke, diabetes, and many more are simply through healthy diet, exercise, and sufficient sleep or rest.

“Unlike the olden days, today people like to avoid a little hard work. As a result, cases of obesity are escalating bringing along hypertension and diabetes which in the end could develop into heart disease, stroke, and all kinds of cancer,” he said.

Because of that, James told the people to spend some time everyday on self improvement, where one could improve his or her attitude towards their own health, which is one’s own principal capital asset in life.

“If only we could educate people to practise healthier habits in the way we live, eat, and move around, I am certain that we should all live better and healthier lives.

“My ministry fully endorses all organizations that promote and work towards improving the health conditions of our communities; and, that being said, a Health Expo such as the one presently here is most apt.

“It is my hope that all of you here today should gain useful information and vital insights as to how you can take initiatives to improve your own health and subsequently pass down your knowledge to influence your family and friends to the right direction,” he said.

Also present were, Organising Chairperson, Andy Lim, President for the SDA Mission in Sabah, Pastor Feldinand Sawani, Director for the Department of Health in the Malaysian Adventist Union Mission, Dr Jane Yap and Director for the Department of Health in the Sabah Adventist Mission, Doreen Lim.