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Kota Kinabalu
Ahad, April 14, 2024


LABUAN:The oil and gas (O&G) crew change operations at the Asian Supply Base (ASB) Sdn Bhd is facing potential delays in meeting the April 1 deadline due to an unready Immigration screening system.

Member of Perliment Labuan Datuk Dr Suhaili Abdul Rahman expressed concern, stating that the Malaysian Administrative Modernisation and Management Planning Unit’s (MAMPU) system, installed to facilitate immigration screening, is also not operational.

He hoped authorities in Putrajaya to address the matter promptly, emphasising its impact on security and Labuan’s economy.

During a visit to the crew change operations temporary facility at Wisma ASB, Dr Suhaili, who is also ASB chairman, highlighted the urgency of starting crew change operations by March to align with Petronas’ scheduled oil drilling activities in April.

Dr Suhaili said he would personally meet the Minister of Home Affairs to resolve bureaucratic hurdles and expedite Immigration personnel placement and standard operating procedures (SOP). He also said he also write to the Prime Minister, given Labuan’s association with the Prime Minister’s Department.

 “Labuan’s economy, under the purview of the Prime Minister’s Department, faces significant implications if the crew change operation faces delays, at the same time I will raise the issue during the upcoming Parliament session on Feb 26,” he said.

 He said the delay in the implementation of the crew change operation would have the potential challenges for multinational companies, facing the prospect of sending crews to Kota Kinabalu for Immigration clearance, adversely affecting ASB’s reputation.

Dr Suhaili said ASB, a Labuan-based Sabah Government’s linked-company (GLC), has allocated RM25 million to build a three-storey O&G crew change terminal. The project, scheduled for completion in October 2024, aims to facilitate Immigration, Customs, and Health Department screenings for Malaysian and international seafarers.

 Dr Suhaili noted the return of crew change activities to Labuan would significantly benefit the island’s economy, with hundreds of O&G crew members arriving and departing daily once operations commence next year. He said ASB has received an exemption order from the Sabah Home Affairs and Research Office (PHEDNP), dated April 22, 2022, authorising approval for O&G crew change documentation clearance from PHEDNP and Sabah Immigration Department.

“The delay in implementing the Immigration screening system poses a risk to Labuan’s O&G crew change operations, prompting urgent  calls for intervention from relevant authorities” he said.