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Give the best and professional service – James

KOTA KINABALU: Medical and health workers are requested to always provide the best and professional service to all citizens regardless of any differences that exist.

Sabah Community Development and People’s Well-being Minister, Datuk James Ratib said, this is in line with the Malaysia Madani approach which is based on mutual respect, celebrating diversity and being the driver for the existence of a developed Malaysian society.

“Emphasis should also be focused on the quality of teamwork so that it is more efficient, effective, proactive, dynamic and productive.

“Always ready to help sincerely and responsibly and committed to achieve the goals of the Ministry and the country.

“The pure intentions of the government need to be embedded in the soul of every individual, because every civil servant is the main machinery for the government to convey its wishes of to the people,” he said.

According to him, the effectiveness of civil servants in delivering services to the people reflects the effectiveness of the government in delving into the souls of the people.

“That is our responsibility that needs to be carried out as long as we hold the title of civil servant. We must work together with the Government to fulfill the wishes and needs of the people,” he explained.

James who is also the Sugut Assemblyman said this when officiating the Borneo Emergency Medicine and Trauma Service (EMTS-CON) Solidarity Triumphant 2023 Conference held here.

His text speech was read by his Special Duties Oficer, Dr Jeremiah Daniel, who represented him during the event on Wednesday.

“The theme of the conference is Odyssey: Learn From The Past, Preparing for the Future is very suitable for the filling of activities during these three days.

“Thank you for involving selected speakers from the community, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and various different specialties in healthcare to share their experiences, knowledge and views.

“We want the participants to gain knowledge from the knowledge and experience of the speakers to equip themselves better to face any challenges that await you later,” he said.

The Borneo Emergency Medicine And Trauma Service (EMTS) 2023 conference began with a pre-conference workshop showcasing emergency services from the past and the present.

“I hope this program becomes a platform that strengthens cooperation, sharing interest in emergency medical services in providing better healthcare for the community.

“Hopefully, with the commitment and earnestness of all parties that have been shown over the years, will become a firm policy to ensure that the goals, vision and mission of the Ministry of Health Malaysia are achieved,” he said.

James added, as the Minister responsible for health in this state, he will always give full cooperation in any effort carried out by the Sabah State Health Department and the Malaysian Ministry of Health for the well-being of the people.

“I would like to thank you for the invitation to this conference and hope that all participants will benefit from the organization of the conference and hope that it can be implemented again in the following years so that more members will have the opportunity to participate in this kind of conference,” he explained.