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Costa Rica, France among the foreign countries participating in the 2023 Labuan Diving Festival

The divers participating in the 2023 Labuan Diving Festival 1.0

LABUAN: Costa Rica and France are two foreign countries participating in the 2023 Labuan Diving Festival 1.0  held around Rusukan Besar Island, near here recently.

The festival organized by the Labuan Diving Club in collaboration with Rusukan Besar Resort, among other things, aims to promote diving activities on this duty-free island which has historical effects, especially involving shipwrecks in addition to interesting coral reef.

The festival which lasted for three days was attended by a total of 13 experienced divers who also received support and cooperation from the Labuan Corporation Tourism Department, the Labuan Tourism Information Center (Tourism Malaysia), Tour Guide Association, MCTA Labuan Chapter, BIMP-EAGA, LGM Tour and Travel and

Empire Hornbill Travel and Tour.

Meanwhile, the closing ceremony of the Festival was completed by the Honorary Secretary of the Labuan Diving Club, Tan Zhi Shan.

Also present were the Director of Labuan Fisheries, Faizal Ibrahim Suhaili and the Resort’s Director of Major Damage, Jeffery Lee.

Tan when speaking at the closing ceremony hoped that through the festival the beauty of diving on this island would be spread around the world to encourage more international divers to plan a trip to Labuan to do diving activities.

In addition, Tan said his party will organize diving activities with the concept of  leisure which will be held every month.

“The organization that will be held every month aims to enable local divers to maintain the momentum of diving, continue to refresh their skills, and encourage each other” he said.

Tan explained that the Labuan Diving Festival will be an annual event that will be held every year at the end of June, however it depends on the suitability of the weather conditions at that time.