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Jumaat, Disember 1, 2023

490 Kota Kinabalu Zone Cluster Hospital staff received APC and Appreciation

APC…One of the Kota Kinabalu Zone Cluster Hospital staff, received a Certificate of Excellence Award presented by Datuk James Ratib

KOTA KINABALU: A total of 490 staff of the Kota Kinabalu Zone Cluster Hospital received the Outstanding Service Award (APC) for the year 2022 and Appreciation in a celebration ceremony held here on Tuesday.

The Minister of Community Development and People’s Welfare (KPMKR), Datuk James Ratib who was present and presented the award said that the award inspired all employees to serve even better.

“I would like to congratulate the 490 recipients of the Outstanding Service Award (APC) in 2022 who were celebrated today. Hopefully with this recognition, it will inject the spirit of all the employees of this department.

“Congratulations and appreciation also to the 60 officers and staff who have and will retire this year. The journey of service to the moment of your retirement is an experience that will surely be remembered forever.

“May you use your retirement period with something that not only gives satisfaction to yourself and your family, but also benefits the community and the country,” he said.

Meanwhile, James who is also the Sugut assemblyman said, responsibility in the public service has great challenges, therefore efficiency in carrying out tasks becomes a trust that needs to be shouldered throughout the service.

This, he said, includes prioritizing the aspect of high integrity when carrying out duties because the collapse of the value of integrity will cause the occurrence of various defects such as the occurrence of deviations for personal interests, corruption and so on.

“Performance is always recognized. Therefore, we need to always be alert, open-minded and ready for any change in the environment. In other words, we cannot remain comfortable and satisfied with an achievement.

“In addition, the community’s expectations of health services are also getting higher and higher and this matter definitely requires staff to carry out continuous reforms so that they are always responsive in meeting the community’s health needs.

“Thus, in line with the mission and vision of the Ministry of Health Malaysia and the Sabah State Health Department, you should emphasize the aspect of “character building” by increasing knowledge, improving skills and also practicing good values and positive personal characteristics, said James.

He said this while officiating the Kota Kinabalu Zone Cluster Hospital’s 2022 Outstanding Service Award and 2023 Retiree Appreciation Ceremony held at the Hilton Kota Kinabalu Hotel Grand Ballroom, Tuesday.

According to him, the ceremony is very meaningful especially in giving recognition to public service officers who have shown excellent performance as well as appreciation to retirees who have served with full commitment and dedication in health services especially for the state of Sabah.

“Well done also to the committee for their commitment in making the event a success today. I am aware that today’s ceremony is carried out in a cluster and involves eight (8) Responsibility Centers (PTj) or Kota Kinabalu Zone hospitals,” he said.

In the meantime, James said that the Hospital Cluster initiative was introduced as a step to improve the efficiency of services in the hospitals of the Ministry of Health Malaysia.

The implementation of this initiative, he said, is with the collaboration of two (2) or more specialist hospitals and non-specialist hospitals in the same geographical location to form a cluster.

Cluster hospital services are implemented through sharing and optimizing the use of resources in the hospitals involved.

“If viewed through the timeline, the Kota Kinabalu Zone Cluster Hospital has started since 2018 with the collaboration between Queen Elizabeth Hospital (HQE) as the lead hospital (LH) together with seven (7) non-lead hospitals (NLH) namely the Queen Elizabeth II Hospital (HQEII), Sabah Women and Children Hospital (HWKKS), Mesra Bukit Padang Hospital (HMBP), Papar Hospital, Ranau Hospital, Kota Belud Hospital and Tuaran Hospital.

“The main mission of the formation of this cluster is to reduce the Bed Occupancy Rate (BOR) in lead hospitals and increase the BOR in non-lead hospitals,” he said.

According to James, the collaboration also aims to improve the level of competence between doctors and paramedics working in non-lead hospitals, in addition to sharing resources and medical facilities between cluster hospitals.

“It is hoped that the implementation of this cluster hospital can further improve the quality and effectiveness of health service delivery in the state of Sabah, especially in rural areas,” he explained.

Also present, Dr Asits Bin Sanna, Sabah State Health Director; Dr William Gotulis, Director of Queen Elizabeth Hospital and Chief Executive Officer, Kota Kinabalu Zone Cluster Hospital Committee and others.