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Younger folks need to be involved in making Kaamatan more vibrant: James

James, Limus and others harvesting the Padi as a symbolic of officiating the 2023 Kuala Penyu Kaamatan celebration

KUALA PENYU: The Minister of Community Development and People’s Well-being, Datuk James Ratib called for more people of various races to attend the events of the Kaamatan Festival, especially among the younger generation.

According to him, it is very important to provide exposure, understanding and awareness to young people about the importance of preserving and dignifying local culture.

“Indeed, we are very grateful because even though our society consists of more than 32 tribes and ethnicities, we have been able to live in a peaceful and harmonious atmosphere.

“Therefore, it is my great hope that together we can maintain this positive spirit because it provides a great and meaningful contribution to political stability and the speed of economic development in various fields as we are enjoying today,” he said.

James who is also the Sugut Assemblyman said this while officiating the 2023 Kuala Penyu District Level Kaamatan Festival held at Dewan Dato Syahbandar Makang Kuala Penyu on Saturday.

He emphasized that the government is always committed to improving the socio-economic status of the people by driving development in all corners of the state, including in this area, through the implementation of various policies and agendas.

“What is important is for the people to always give solid support to the government’s efforts in defending them by making use of the many potentials in their respective areas, including promoting the uniqueness and diversity of the customs and cultural traditions of the local community.

“It will indirectly contribute to the provision of various socioeconomic opportunities for the people such as homestay tourism and small and medium industrial companies (IKS).

“Therefore, I suggest that the celebration of the Kaamatan Festival not only becomes a field for us to strengthen the spirit of people’s unity and dignify culture, but also generate the speed of the tourism industry through cultural uniqueness,” he said.

This, he said, at the same time proves that the people in this state are always united in various festivals with the participation of the whole community of multiple races and religions, with a spirit of goodwill and full of harmony.

James expressed his appreciation and thanks to Datuk Limus Jury, Sabah Public Works Assistant Minister cum Kuala Penyu Assemblyman and Chairman of the Kuala Penyu District Kaamatan Festival Main Committee who is also Kuala Penyu District Officer, Sebastian Ingkim.

“Hopefully the various events and programs organized throughout this festival throughout the state of Sabah will be able to run smoothly and successfully with the participation and strong support from all walks of life,” he explained.

Also present, Datuk Limus Bin Jury Assistant Minister of Public Works Sabah cum Assemblyman of N33 Kuala Penyu, Sebastian Ingkim, Kuala Penyu District Officer, and Kuala Penyu District Kaamatan Chairman, and others.