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The RAHMAH menu is ready for the people of Sandakan: Minister

SANDAKAN: The Minister of Domestic Trade and Cost of Living (KPDN), Datuk Seri Salahuddin bin Ayub, has conducted a Menu RAHMAH Tour in the State of Sabah and launched the Menu RAHMAH Initiative at the Sabah State level at MYDIN Supermarket, Sandakan, Sabah on Saturday.

Also present were the Minister of Community Development and People’s Wellbeing, whois also KPDN Exco and Sugut Assemblyman, Datuk James Ratib.
In the program, Salahuddin said, the government thanked MYDIN for its commitment to expand the Menu RAHMAH Initiative to its branch in Sandakan, Sabah.

“Although the cost of raw materials in Sandakan Sabah may be different compared to the peninsula, MYDIN still offers the Menu RAHMAH in Sandakan at a price below RM5.00 per meal,” he said.

MYDIN offers a breakfast set at a reasonable price of around RM2.50 in the form of Noodles, Mihun and Fried Kuetiau, Regular Fat Rice and Regular Fried Rice.
While the Menu RAHMAH offered consists of a combination of Rice, Vegetables and Fish or Chicken according to the day at a price of RM4.90 per dish with mineral water.

The Menu RAHMAH is the Government’s latest initiative that has gone viral in helping and reducing the cost of living for the people, especially those in need to get balanced cooked food at a price of RM5.00 and below.

The Menu RAHMAH is a voluntary initiative of a private company where the Government does not determine the price, implementation method, ingredients, and side dishes for the RAHMAH Menu offered, as long as it is balanced with protein, carbohydrate and fiber content in the form of vegetables.

For premises that have already sold a dish or menu at a price of RM5.00 or below, they can rebrand the menu as the Menu RAHMAH.

The government welcomes premises that are willing to reduce the price of the existing menu offered in their premises to the price of the Menu RAHMAH without changing the quantity and quality of the meal.

Based on feedback from traders who have participated in this initiative, the Menu RAHMAH has been used as a Crowd Puller business model to attract customers to their premises.

With that, their income can be increased through the sales quantity that can cover the margin reduction and at the same time also join together in welfare efforts for those in need.

“The government would like to congratulate the efforts of the Sabah KPDN to implement the PAYUNG RAHMAH Initiative in several cities in the state of Sabah.

“In addition to MYDIN Supermarket, the Menu RAHMAH is also offered in Sandakan at restaurants such as Aroma Bistro Elopura, Restoran Sandokan, Artapila Cafe, Budiman, Cinerama Cafe, Coop Cafe & KWBBS Catering, Cooperative Wanita Berjaya Batu Sapi Sandakan, Menu by Ume and Plangon Chicken Rice.
“The government is always committed to helping promote premises that provide the Menu RAHMAH,” said Salahuddin.

In line with that, KPDN has created a portal to enable the public to obtain information on the location of nearby Menu RAHMAH selling premises and traders can also register their participation by visiting https://menurahmah.kpdn.gov.my.

Until March 11, 2023, more than 1,531 business premises have registered to implement the Menu RAHMAH Initiative and this includes food stalls, restaurants, cafeterias, food courts and most recently chain restaurants such as OldTown White Coffee and fast food chains such as Burger King, Marybrown and even McDonald’s .

KPDN calls on more industry players, especially the restaurant, food and retail industry in the state of Sabah to join hands with the Government to make this aspiration a success in order to ease the cost of living for the people.

For any further questions, industry players and the public can contact the Secretariat of Trade, Distribution and Service Industry (SPIP) on the hotline 03-8882 5881/ 5905 or via email to spip@kpdn.gov.my.