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Khamis, Jun 20, 2024

The problem of drug addiction is not new: James

Walter (left)… Presenting a certificate of appreciation to Mohamad Latip Katik, representing Assemblyman N.63 Kunak,

KUNAK: The issue and problem of drug addiction among the community is not a new thing and it has spread with various sophistications in manufacturing and distribution.

The Minister of Community Development and People’s Welfare (KPMKR) who is also the Chairman of the Sabah State PEMADAM, Datuk James Ratib said that most of the drug addicts involved are not only young people but also the elderly.

“If we read and see in the mass media, there are many cases of light and serious crimes that have occurred related to drug addiction activities.

“Incidents such as burglary, theft, obscene cases and even murder, all of them are related to the problem of drug influence.

“Individuals will lose consideration as rational beings, committing various crimes regardless of whether the victim is a family member, relative, friend or neighbor,” he said.

According to James, in this increasingly sophisticated age, drug manufacturing technology has also evolved so that in certain situations drug consumption can no longer be detected through health screening.

He added that the methods for obtaining drug supplies are now very easy to do, that is, with just a touch of a mobile phone and an SMS, the supply service reaches the hands of the applicant.

“In addition, the “pushers” and dealers also take advantage by using “drug mules” as scapegoats to make a profit.

“In this case, it is women who often become victims and are used as tools in drug trafficking operations,” he said.

James, who is also the Sugut Assemblyman, said this during the Closing Ceremony of the TABAH Program and the Program Kempen Sayangi Keluarga Daerah Kunak held at SMK Kunak Seri Bestari Hall on Tuesday.
The text of his speech was delivered by Deputy Permanent Secretary (TSUT) Walter Kenson.

Meanwhile, he said, the life expectancy of the elderly is expected to increase every year, and this is a direct effect of medical progress, medical assistance facilities and care awareness.

“Even though health facilities are getting better and some of the elderly do not suffer from chronic diseases, their physical weakness, their fading memories and their poor social conditions leave them exposed to various health and safety risks,” he said.

In the meantime, he said, various challenges, especially children who are still working and diversity among the elderly themselves, make caring for the elderly something difficult and very challenging.

“Therefore, caregivers must have the skills to be able to provide the best service to the elderly.
“The basic skills of caring for the elderly are the key to becoming a quality caregiver.

“In addition, mental and physical preparation is a requirement that must be emphasized by the caregivers of the elderly,” he said.

James hopes that the TABAH Program and Program Kempen Sayangi Keluarga that has been planned in Kunak District and which will follow in Kudat and Nabawan Districts can be implemented successfully for the well-being of the people.

Also present were the, Political Secretary to the KPMKR Minister, Jenddy Sanggau, Kunak District Officer and Chairman of Kunak District PEMADAM, Awang Haji Mohd Yusoff and others.