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Kota Kinabalu
Khamis, Jun 20, 2024


Datuk James Ratib

KOTA KINABALU: The debate over the demand for 40 percent of Sabah’s special state grants will become more dramatic with various versions of opinions from all political leaders who are considered to be turning their backs on the main leadership of the state government.

Sabah Community Development and People’s Wellbeing Minister, Datuk James Ratib said that the various versions of statements issued by certain leaders seemed to belittle the role of the Sabah Chief Minister on the issue.

“However, the Chief Minister of Sabah is the leader who earlier brought the issue to the highest level in the Federation to demand these rights. He demanded in a more harmonious way without clouding the atmosphere and good relations with the central government,” he said in a statement on Thursday.

James, who is also a member of the Sugut State Legislative Assembly, said that basically the leadership of the state government is open to hearing any thoughtful ideas about the issue, but it is not necessary that there are parties who want to be ‘Heroes’ as if the state government has no leader, who should play that role.

He said, differences of opinion ultimately created a war of perception that clouded the situation and smooth demand for Sabah’s rights as enshrined in Articles 112C and 112D of the Federal Constitution.

“There are parties who do not realize that the Chief Minister of Sabah is actually working hard behind the scenes to ensure that the demands of Sabah’s rights continue to be fulfilled by the Federation.

“He does not need to say much in that regard because what is important to him, the results of the struggle should be shared with all the people of the state this,” he said.

Regarding SLS’s action of dragging the issue to the Court, he reminded to be more prudent so that their facts do not become material for social media judgments which in turn give a different picture to stakeholders.

“Just look at the situation in court recently, many are present but do they really understand what the real issue is that is happening in the court proceedings. Or are they present because some Social Media Players are spreading big facts to gain support,” he added.

In the meantime, he invited all the leaders of the state to give strong support to the leadership of the Chief Minister of Sabah in demanding the rights of the state and put political ideology aside to strengthen the voice of the demand.

“Let us together with the leadership of the Sabah state government stand as a pillar of support regardless of what party we belong to,” he said.

The issue of the claim of 40 percent of the Sabah State’s special grant was hotly discussed by various parties after the Sabah Law Society, the Attorney General’s Department and the Sabah Government finished giving their submissions for the case in Kota Kinabalu court last Thursday.

A panel of three judges consisting of Judge Datuk Ravinthran N Paramaguru, Dato’ Mohd Nazlan Mohd Ghazali and Dato’ Dr Choo Kah Sing fixed May 24 for the management of the case.