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Champion….Hiew Jing Xuan with the poster

LABUAN: Year 5 students, SRJK (C), Chi Wen, Hiew Jing Xuan emerged champion of the Competition Lions International Peace Poster themed to ,’ We are all Conneted’ and received RM400, trophies and certificates.

Meanwhile, the runner-up was Matthew Goh Chyi Hwa, a Year 6 student of SRJK (C) Chi Wen to receive of RM300, trophy and certificate.

Third place went to Camie Ng Xin Yan from SJK(C) Chung Hwa receiving RM250 cash prize, trophy and certificate. Fourth place went to Rahmat Waazin Azman from SK St.Anne receiving RM200 cash prize, trophy and certificate and fifth place went to Fara Melissa Muzaffar from Labuan International School receiving RM150 cash prizes, trophies and certificates.

.Runner up….Goh Chyi Hwa,

The competition, which emphasised world peace for young children, was jointly organised with the Labuan Education Department and Labuan Mandarin and Labuan Host Lions Club Labuan as the sponsors of the competition.

The prize giving ceremony was officiated by Yusop Mohammad, Director of Labuan Education Department, held at the Labuan Mariner Hotel on Monday.

Also present were Samsul Bin Mandisin, Chief Assistant Director of Student Talent Division, Labuan Education Department, President of Lion Club Labuan, Tilwant Kaur,  First Vice President of Labuan Mandarin Lions Club Chia Sia Theng and Organising Chairman, Jessica Lee.

Meanwhile, Jessica said, while overcoming new challenges brought on by an unprecedented global pandemic, we’re celebrating the things that keep us connected—to each other, to our communities, all together around the world. With this year’s theme, we invite young people to envision, explore and visually express these connections.

These 2 posters will advance to compete at the district, then the winning piece to the multiple district and international levels of competition.

Labuan Lions Club President Telwant Kaur and First Vice President of Labuan Mandarin Lions Club Chia Sia Theng said they were impressed by the expression and creativity of students from SRJK (C) Chi Wen, SRJK (C) Chung Hwa, Labuan International School, SK St. Anne and SM St.Anne.

From left : Bryan Goh (holding 4th place poster) , President Telwant (holding 2nd place poster) , Pengarah En.Yusup Hj Mohamad (holding winning poster) , First Vice President Chia Sia Theng (holding 3rd place poster) and Mary Lau (holding 5th place poster)