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Ahad, Jun 23, 2024

Speeding up the COVID-19 vaccination process in Tawau

TAWAU: Tawau is set to speed up the pace of vaccination for residents in the district under the National COVID-19 Immunisation Programme.
Tawau MP Datuk Christina Liew initiated the move to get more people registered and vaccinated by mobilising the P.190 Parliamentary People’s Service Centre with the cooperation of the Tawau Health Clinic.

For the purpose, she said a nine-member vaccination registration task force has been formed to reach out to a larger segment of the public here.

“This is our targeting strategy to expedite the vaccination programme for the benefit of the Tawau populace. With this exercise in momentum, it will help facilitate achieving the goal of herd immunity by the end of this year or even earlier.

“Many of those living in the rural areas have no access to information. Although Phase 3 of the National COVID-19 Immunisation Programme has begun this month for those aged 18 and above, I believe that quite a number of senior citizens (Phase 2, 60 and above) have yet to get themselves vaccinated,” Liew said in a statement on Wednesday. Towards this end, the Tawau Parliamentary Chief Liaison Officer, Fung Thin Yein, Women Bureau representative Lucy Lo and Youth Movement representative Diyan Ayu Zaenal have met with officials from the Tawau Health Clinic.

 According to Liew, the vaccination registration task force will seek out residents who have already registered for the vaccination but have not been notified of their appointment date, as well as those who are still in the ‘wait and see’ category.

“The task force will then submit the lists of registrants and registration forms to the Tawau Health Clinic for its team to work out the slots for vaccination,” she said.

For inquiries, the public may contact any of the following personnel from the Tawau P.190 Parliamentary People’s Service Centre. Fung Thin Yein (0126114700), Robert Penggai (0102027901), Putra Hj Andon (0133800332), Lucy Lo (0138832399), Rudi Abu (0178353383), Parman Husain (0106608021), Diyan Ayu Zaenal (0178118019), Samuel Fung (0128670030) and Steven Chan (0198083378).