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Opportunities for local designers through the Garung Olumis competition: James

PITAS: The Garung Olumis competition held in conjunction with the Kaamatan Festival in the state is the best platform for local fashion designers to make a name for themselves in the field at an international level.

The Minister of Community Development and People’s Well-being, Datuk James Ratib said, there is a place in the international market that is so vast for local fashion design if it is applied with the unique motifs of KDMR’s heritage.

“The organization of Sodop Huminodun gives space and opportunity to all fashion designers and Unduk Ngadau participants to highlight and demonstrate the most beautiful and creative clothing designs or in Kadazandusun language, Garung Olumis.

“The Garung Olumis fashion show is a very significant platform because it opens up opportunities for all local designers to showcase their talent and creativity in the eyes of the world.

“This Huminodun night will usually highlight contemporary clothing that involves KDMR traditional elements that are the result of creative designs by local fashion designers,” he said.

James said, the event opens up prospects for local fashion designers who now have the opportunity to further develop their talents to the international level through the sale of their designs.

My advice, grab this opportunity as best you can because this kind of opportunity will not always come, not to mention in a field that is so vibrant and fiercely competitive.

He also suggested that industry players be creative in their designs by applying the uniqueness of local traditional elements that are sought after by fashion enthusiasts who are thirsty for something new and special.

“I am confident and believe, of course there is a place in such a wide international market, for local fashion designs if it is applied with the unique motifs of KDMR’s heritage that is not found anywhere else in the world.

“Therefore, it is time for the Huminodun Night organizers to look far beyond the local scene and aim their gaze at wider opportunities in the global market, which today, can be reached only through the touch of one’s fingertips,” he said.

James who is also the Sugut Assemblyman said this while officiating the Sodop Huminodun Ceremony in conjunction with the 2023 Pitas District Level Kaamatan Festival which was held here on Tuesday night.

According to him, the organization of Sodop Huminodun also contributes to unity in the local community and this practice needs to be cultured so that cultural traditions passed down from generation to generation continue to be preserved.

“Well done and congratulations once again to all the executive committee who organized this program chaired by Datuk Ng Loi Teet.

“Hopefully in the future this kind of program will continue to be implemented by maintaining the culture and heritage of KDMR.

“To the winners tonight, well done and congratulations, while those who are less fortunate, don’t despair, try again another time,” he explained.