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Great potential and talent from within the autistic circle must be recognized: James

Dr.Jeremiah (right) received a souvenir

KOTA KINABALU: It is crucial that the society as a whole recognizes the great potential and talent that flourish within the autistic circle said Minister of Community Development and People’s Well-being (KPMKR), Datuk James Ratib.

“Through their paintings, sculptures, photographs and other creative endeavors, we are provided with an amazing kaleidoscope to see our world through their perspective.

“Let this event be the catalyst for change, let it be the starting point of the journey towards a more inclusive society,” he said.

James who is also Sugut Assemblyman was speaking through his speech delivered by his Special Officer, Dr. Jeremiah Daniel V. Yee Wei, when officiating the Art For Autism Sabah 2023 program that was held at the Sabah Art Gallery on Saturday.

“I am honored that the organizers have invited me to grace this important event; as the minister of community development and people’s well-being, I really appreciate your efforts to make this wonderful event a success.

“We stand before you all this evening to introduce and celebrate the incredible artwork exhibited by individuals with autism.

“We gather here not only to appreciate the beautiful creations of very intelligent people, but also to understand deeply about autism disorder and the extraordinary talents hidden within these brilliant human beings,” he said.

James added that it must become a goal and purpose that a platform be built so that artists from the autistic circle can come together, share their work, and show the world what only they can design.

“This evening, we gather not only to admire these incredible works of art, but also to foster a sense of community with them.

“We strive to create a space where artists, professionals, family and friends can gather, make connections and build networks that enable the exchange of ideas, techniques and experiences.

“By introducing this platform, we hope to open up space for collaboration, growth and foster a supportive environment where these talented individuals can thrive,” said James.

In addition, he said, all parties should promote through broadcasting and dropshipping their wonderful works of art to the world stage.

This in turn, he added, will undoubtedly raise awareness and at the same time generate income for them.

“By coming together this evening, we express our support for them, our commitment to understanding autism, and our determination to create a world with them where their talents are not only recognized but celebrated,” he said.

Menwhile, to all parents, James reminded them that parenthood is a great honor and privilege, but it is also synonymous with servitude.

“Every day parents are called to meet the needs of their children without selfishness. Whether they’re staying up at night nursing babies, spending their time and money on ungrateful teenagers, or preparing meals, parents always put others before themselves.

“The state of organic parenting is selflessness. When you become a parent, you are no longer the center of your own universe. You relinquish that position to your children.

“What greater aspiration and challenge for parents than the hope of raising a great son or daughter, no matter what his or her circumstances? Indeed, parenting is the greatest and also the most difficult thing,” he said.