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Sabtu, Disember 2, 2023

RM200 thousand contribution to SABAS

SANDAKAN: The people of the Sungai tribe are urged to continue to preserve and cherish their culture so that it would be preserved and would not fade in the current of modernity.

The Minister of Community Development and People’s Well-being, Datuk James Ratib said, it is very important for every Sungai community, especially the younger generation, to maintain and preserve the customs and culture of the tribe.

“In preserving customs and culture, the Sungai Community needs to uphold the noble values that have been ingrained in us, including the way of life and self-identity in bucking the tide of current progress.

“Therefore, the values that can hinder or prevent our tribe from moving forward need to be scrapped so that we can succeed on par with other tribes in this country.
“The exploration of knowledge and skills that are in line with today’s needs, must be focused on to allow the Sungai people to improve their quality in pursuit of today’s progress,” he said.

James, who is also the Sugut Assemblyman, reminded the young generation to have their own initiative to find opportunities not only in academics, careers but also in entrepreneurship.

“Look for the available space and opportunity, don’t miss it. We have now stepped into the era of a world without borders, those who are slow will fall behind and continue to be behind other tribes.

“The young generation, especially Sungai, need to be confident to start something that can change their lives, such as entrepreneurship, in addition to competing for a place in the government and private sectors.

“Our current era is no longer in the 70s or 80s, where job opportunities are waiting when you finish studying. This is the time for young people to create job opportunities and build the economy for themselves and their families,” he said.

James said this while officiating the Majlis Malam Jasamu Dikenang Persatuan Bangsa Sungai Sabah (SABAS), which was held at the FourPoints, Sandakan on Saturday.

He congratulated SABAS, especially to the President, Datuk Johari Janan and the top leadership of SABAS for successfully holding the Majlis Jasamu Dikenang that evening.

“Indeed, the success of SABAS in organizing this meaningful appreciation ceremony is something to be proud of in accordance with the great struggle and aspirations of the SABAS association to continue raising the dignity of the Sungai tribe in the state of Sabah.

“I believe tonight’s ceremony will be another benchmark for SABAS to continue to move forward in realizing the association’s Vision and Mission,” he said.
Meanwhile, on the government’s side, James said that the Government always provides support to everyone including the youth in various forms, the important thing is to be brave and try.

In the ceremony, he also approved a donation of RM200 thousand for the association.