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Ahad, November 27, 2022

Rain or shine, exercise your right to vote, says Liew

Liew addressing the gathering at Kg Tinagat, Batu 7 in the Apas state constituency.

TAWAU: Come rain or shine or even in the event of a flood, the voters must come out and vote for a decisive change on Nov 19.

Pakatan Harapan (PH) candidate for P190 Tawau, Datuk Christina Liew emphasised this point during her political ceramah at Kg Batu 15, Andrassy in Balung here on Wednesday.

“We have returned the mandate to you to vote for change. One vote for Harapan is a vote towards this change. Together, we can do it.

“Turn up in full force on polling day to exercise your constitutional right to vote for a new government and a new Prime Minister. Vote Dato’ Seri Anwar Ibrahim to take Malaysia out of the abyss of darkness.

“If we fail to change the fate of our country this time around, we may have to wait for another 60 years to come. By then, I may not be around,” she told the people.

Liew, who is the incumbent MP, reminded the voters that the power lies in their hand to shape the destiny of Malaysia.

“When you cast your ballot on Nov 19, think of the future of your children and grandchildren,” she said.